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I took my girls to the American Liberty Festival Revolution reenactment and I have to tell you that hearing George Washington speak was extremely moving.

I totally fell into the experience and being able to ask him what he would think of what is going on now was like going to your father for advice.

I almost cried when it was over - I truly wish we had a George Washington to lead us now- we need him more than ever.

I can see how he had such a loyal following. I wish we had politicians that wanted to contribute to their country like he did, instead of seeing what they can get from it. :(

Thank you for all the hard work that you do. We hope to go to more events in the future.

Here's to many more years! :D


Gilbert, AZ


Our kids loved our visit!  Thank you so much for having something that the West side schools can participate in.

I was very excited and grateful to see the Liberty Festival at 43rd and Bell- it really made for a fantastic trip that completely tied into so many 5th grade Standards, and more importantly, brought history to life for my kids. 

Thanks again!




Went to the recent Liberty Festival event in Glendale and enjoyed it!



General Washington, On behalf of the Royal Welch Fusiliers, may I commend you on your rebel troops, as they have come a long way in training and now look to be a most formidable foe.

I must also commend you on your choice of Captain to lead those troops, even though I find him to be a most cheeky fellow, with few manners. (Should we meet on the field of battle again I may refuse a flag of truce in stead bringing on a challenge of sword skills to settle our differences.)

Capt. Lord Uffington   23rd of Foot   Royal Welch Fusiliers



The entire weekend was an absolute pleasure. During the event itself I have to say I loved the school day. To see that many excited kids, taking an interest in history and the founding of the nation…it was incredible.

Answering questions along with asking questions was a great experience. It lets me share my knowledge and shows me where I can improve.

I really enjoyed that it was a round robin and not just kids strolling along, it kept us on our toes to keep them engaged, I liked the challenge.

Along with all that I loved being able to help with the training of the students in some basic drill, it was fun and gave me good experience in leading troops.

n addition to that there is the simple fact that I love my job in the regiment. Working in the ordinance department with Sgt. R. and Capt. L. is challenging but a lot of fun and is very rewarding.    

I was proud to outfit and train the teacher from NWCS, I believe his name was Ben, as a Militiaman on Saturday and I hope to see him again.

I have to say my favorite part in the off hours, other than the Chicken Sandwich Caper (as it should be known), was simply sharing in the camaraderie of camp.

I have met so many great people and made amazing friends in We Make History.

Every time we have an event I see what a remarkable group we are and I feel a deep sense of gratitude to be part of something this special.     

Sincerely and Respectfully Yours,

Corporal “Doc” Holt  



This is just a quick note to thank you for the privilege of participating in the American Liberty Festival last weekend.

It was a wonderful experience and all of your associates were a joy and a delight to get to know.

I can't remember having worked with a better group of dedicated people !

Again, thanks so much for allowing me to participate in the fun last weekend.

Best Always,


Kingman, AZ


Thank you for the fun event.  My kids had a great time. My son is excited about one day participating in a battle. 

My son is 11 and we do home school. This year and next year we are studying American History. We just happened to be in the middle of the Revolutionary War during your wonderful event. 
Thank you again for all the hard work and bringing history alive. 



Flagstaff, AZ


Dear General Washington,

Again, I want to thank you for giving me the amazing opportunity to represent the early history of our nation.

Thank you so much for giving me the privilege to serve alongside people with whom there is never a dull moment, people with honor and character.

The two days I spent at Liberty Festival were fantastic days--Friday especially!

To see the kids so interested in our nations history was humbling, hearing them chant USA, USA, USA, USA!!

To see every reenactor with a smile on their face--even if they had just come from a tragedy, was inspiring.

Never in my life have I ever been amongst such fine fellows.

Cpl. Murray


Those Brit uniforms really stand out! Keep up the good work! 



Marvelous weekend.  Congratulations.

Story #1:

On Saturday my son Jared, 12, was sitting on a stool in front of our camp whittling a stick.  Several spectators stop to watch him whittle.

At one point as many as a dozen people are standing watching him.  Some took photos.  Some went to fetch their sons or daughters to show them ‘the boy whittling’.

Story #2:

In my introduction to one of our songs, I said, “At the time of the Revolutionary War, people couldn’t turn on the TV.  There was no Netflix, no DVDs, not even radio to listen to.

So when families or friends got together they talked with each other, read aloud to each other, recited poetry to each other, or made music with each other.  Here’s one of the songs they would have played.”  Then we would begin our next tune.

So, on Saturday several of we reenactors are sitting in our camp, and one of my daughters says we should get a period-correct book and read aloud to each other. 

My sister had with her a hardbound copy of ‘Essays by Samuel Johnson’ wrapped in brown paper.  She pulls it out and I begin reading aloud. 

After half a page, I realized it should be read with an English accent.  Jake starts reading it with his very passable English accent.  He ended up reading for a good long while, as the rest of us listened.  Several spectators stop to listen.

Fast forward to several nights later.  At a Boy Scouts meeting the parents of one of the boys approached me and told me they’d been at the American Liberty Festival and had been delighted to watch and listen to us reading to each other.

By the way, the Reverend Witherspoon was a delight.  His talk on The Declaration was wonderful, his costume looked great, and his battlefield performance was superb. 



Congratulations, and many thanks to you for such a fine premier of The American Liberty Festival. It was a fun and inspiring event.

Any time that we get to teach to school children as well as families it is a most uplifting time for myself as well.

If I only but inspire one person out of thousands to pick up a book to learn more, then I feel most happy and know that the Lord has used me as an instrument of his to bring forth an awakening of patriotism...

 in a Country that throughout it's history He has surely blessed.

I want to also thank you for putting your confidence in me to lead British troops. It is a role that I truly cherish, and will always strive to forward the mission of We Make History.

God's blessings to you and your family. 


I think my favorite part of the event was getting to work with Cpl. Murray for the wooden musket drill. We had a lot of fun. He's a very fine leader and a man of very fine Character for that matter.

It was certainly an encouragement to work with him. It was also really great to work with the Morrisons. They are good reenactors and they are certainly quite hospitable and friendly.

I think that this was the best school day format that we have ever done. It was the perfect way for the children to see every part of it. They deserved some positive marks for their enthusiasm!



Your Excellency,

Thank You Once More for the opportunity to partake in one of my favourite periods of history.

May GOD Continue To Bless This Nation and We Make History!

Your Humble Servant And Friend,

Pvt. Christopher



I wanted to send a note stating how appreciative and grateful I am for everyone's efforts in our common mission of inspirational education that changes lives.

For many years it has been one of our objectives to develop a profound and impacting portrayal of the Founding Fathers and the American Revolution.

Initial steps toward this goal were taken way back in 1999 and again in 2003. But since then we had focused more on other areas of our mission for a number of years and waited for just the right time.

That time has come.

Our American Liberty Festival - and everyone involved - certainly matched the "history" we have established of high quality, high standards, a heart of service and meaningful education that inspires.

As we look at the present confusion in our society regarding the Founding Fathers, the sacrifices of the Patriots and the concept of Liberty which they believed in and purchased for future generations -

I can only state the obvious when I say that "for such a time as this" the efforts of are team are desperately needed and of great value.

To all who participated.... you have my sincere thanks for being part of a team which did a wonderful job of engaging and inspiring a large and enthusiastic group of attendees.

Our soldier and civilian reenactors can honestly say that they were part of the first all-Revolutionary-War educational living history event ever to happen in Arizona!

What a fine team we have been blessed with!

Genl. Geo. Washington


Sharing a memory from this past weekend's American Liberty Festival, as presented by We Make History.

They are young, patriotic, and they can't wait to get their hands on a small wooden musket.

Waves of children rush up to me, the Continental Army private in full uniform, and volunteer to fall into line and drill. A fellow soldier passes out the arms to all but one recruit who stands a little taller and older.

"I have something special in mind for you," I say before ducking into the Quartermaster's tent to produce a mock Brown Bess. Aside from a plugged barrel and a painted gray exterior, it looks and weighs like the real thing.

"Dress this line!" I tell the recruits, imploring them to line up straight facing me. "The first command I'm going to teach you is 'Order firelocks.' That means you hold your musket at the right side of your feet like this with the lock facing out."

Some of them stand it by their left side. I correct where needed and move on to the next command.

"When I say 'Shoulder Firelocks,' bring your musket up to your left shoulder like this and hold it by the end with that little tab on the top -- that's the frizzen -- pointing up."

They fumble into line and I begin smoothing them out.

"Order Firelocks! Shoulder Firelocks! Order Firelocks! Shoulder firelocks!"

As they get the motions down, I hear ramrods clinking behind me. The Redcoats are lined up and going through weapons inspection. I have to get this band into shape quickly before the battle starts without us.

"When I say 'Prime and Load,' you're going to reach into your cartridge box" -- which is in their imagination -- "pull out a cartridge, tear it open with your teeth and pour it down the barrel."

Some of the young ones have lost their front teeth, but they can work with the others. "Then you will 'Come To The Ready,' take aim and fire!"

I keep getting my Civil War drill mixed up with my Revolutionary War drill. The manual of arms is similar, but the commands are different. I should be saying, "Present Arms" instead of "Come To The Ready."

But what has been drilled into to me is hard to undo.

The Lobsterbacks are standing at attention across from us and getting the command to load. It's time to do battle.

"Prime and Load!" I go through it with them standing at the end of their line, my buckled 18th Century shoes next to their sneakers.

The Redcoats are loading and aiming.

"Present Arms! Take Aim! Fire!"

Some of them pop a banging sound with their mouths, and right on cue, a Redcoat topples.

"Prime and Load!" 

We go through it again, pouring that imaginary powder down the barrel and taking aim. Another Lobsterback crumbles to the ground.

"Let's advance on them!" I cry. "Company, two paces forward, march!"

"Company, two paces back!" I hear my counterpart bark.

"Prime and Load! Take Aim! Fire!"

Two of His Majesty's Finest bite the dust. "Well done! Company, two paces forward, march!"

Again we serve another volley, and within minutes we've whittled the line down to a pair of frightened Regulars.

"Let's charge them! Company, fix bayonets! Charge!"

The kids run all over them, throwing in a few mock blows to the head with the rifle butt. I have profound respect for our Lobsterbacks' willingness to play the fall guys over and over.

They lie all around the overjoyed children who are shouting for joy.

"Huzzah!" I add. "Great work!"

The kids make way for the next round of recruits, and the vanquished enemy picks itself up. Keep calm and carry on.

The young patriots eventually see the big boys at play, firing real muskets, chess pieces in a duel of liberty against tyranny -- or in the final climatic battle skirmish of the day, straight-men in a saucy exchange between British and Patriot commanders.

"You forgot your white flag!"

"Oh, I'll accept your surrender now!"

In the end, we beat the Brits, but their commander marches away with a small detachment, retreating to fight another day. The rest is history.

I later realize that during my instruction in the manual of arms, I've been having the children order their firelocks by the wrong foot... over and over. Facing them, I forgot left and right are flip-flopped.

That would explain why I'm a private and not a commander. ;o)
































































































































































































































































































































































The American Liberty Festival is returning to Phoenix Feb. 20th-21st, 2015!



It would seem that the entire nation is riveted by debates over the intent of the Constitution, the nature of the Bill of Rights, separation of powers, the vision of the Founders and the role of government. These are serious issues. They beg the questions "What is Liberty? Who fought for it? Why did they do so? Who did they do it for?"

We Make History is filling this educational void by using creative, inspirational, living history to present those who fought and sacrificed for liberty and actually brought about the birth of the United States of America. Our family-friendly living history team portrays the soldiers and civilians of both sides of the American Revolution and creates a multi-dimensional program that is exciting, inspirational, thought provoking and suitable for all ages!

Our 5th American Liberty Festival will be held February 20th & 21st on the campus of Northwest Christian School in Phoenix. This inspirational event will be a multi-dimensional immersion experience for all ages into the era of the American Revolution and the Founding Fathers as together we experience the birth of the United States through military encampments and training (both American and British!), live period music, fashion shows, medical displays, civilian demonstrations as per circa 1776, battle reenactments, training with wooden muskets and meeting famous Americans such as General George Washington. A video of highlights from our 2014 Phoenix Liberty Festival may be viewed here.

February 20th - Open exclusively to pre-registered school groups of 20 or more from 9:00AM-12:30PM.

February 21st - Open to the public from 11:00AM-3:30PM. Passes may be purchased on site. Please see a schedule below.

Each Day: Enjoy, learn and be inspired by Battle reenactments, Historic Fashion Shows, Medical Demos, 18th Century Music, Learning Military Drill and interacting with the soldiers and civilians of circa 1776! All activities are family-friendly and educational for all ages. Passes are $12 each at the gate though ages three and under are FREE and do not need a pass. Pop, Water and Betsy Ross Flags will be available for purchase on site.

The American Liberty Festival (Phoenix Liberty Festival and Tucson Liberty Festival) is Arizona's only living history event devoted wholly to the American Revolution and showcases Arizona's own Revolutionary War Reenactors!

The American Liberty Festival is proudly brought to Phoenix and Tucson annually by We Make History and our Revolutionary War team - the same people who bring you the annual American Heritage Festival in Queen Creek.

A video of highlights from our last Liberty Festival may be viewed here.

Public Day Schedule for February 21st
Adjustments are possible.
February 21st, 2015
11:00  Open to Public
11:30  Fashion Presentation at Fashion Tent
12:00  Medical Demo at Medical Tent
12:30  Battle
1:30  Fashion Presentation at Fashion Tent
2:00  Medical Demo at Medical Tent
2:30  Battle
3:30  Close
Ongoing Most of the Day: Wooden Musket Drill in Military Camps, Writing & Games at School Display

If you are a teacher needing more information please contact us here and let us know the school you teach at and the grade level.

If you are a homeschooler needing more information please contact us here.

If you are simply a person interested in attending and needing more information please contact us here.

If you are a reenactor interested in participating or are interested in being trained to be a Revolutionary War reenactor - Email Us Here.

For all other inquiries please - Email Us Here.

This is a "rain or shine" event. We do not offer refunds.

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Enjoy a Gallery of pics from past American Liberty Festivals below!